Rx Access 4U - Testimonials Received for Prescription Assistance

Rx Access 4U Customer Reviews

These are a few of the testimonials that we have received both telephonically and in writing at Rx Access:

Dear Rx Access;

 "Thank-you for your service, my husband takes 6 different prescription drugs that you all are helping us with. Before, we enrolled in your program, he would only take two of his prescriptions for his heart because we couldn't afford to pay for all the drugs he should have taken. The service has been a godsend for us!"

Betty A., Mississippi


"Your prescription assistance program has been a tremendous help for Boley Centers and our consumers. We would highly recommend your program to any non-profit organizations or individuals that are struggling to pay for the high cost of prescription drugs."

Jeri Flanagan, Director of Development-Boley Centers, Inc.-St. Petersburg, Fla.


"The Rx Access Prescription Assistance Program, is helpful in keeping our patients compliant with their course of treatment and saving our staff time and resources that can be allocated to other areas of patient care."

 Dr. Syed  Zaidi- Morningside Facility-St. Petersburg, Fla.

"As the Care Coordinator for Access to Healthcare Network, we have worked with Rx Access to help members and their families to obtain expensive brand name prescription drugs via the pharmaceutical companies prescription assistance programs. The Rx Access program is a great resource for those members and families struggling to pay for their brand name drugs."

Trevor Rice-Disease Management Coordinator, Access to Healthcare Network- Reno, NV.






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