The Rx Access Advantage for Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional, you focus on your patients' well-being, a critical component of which is patient compliance with the prescribed course of treatment. At Rx Access, we understand this. We are here to help you keep your focus on your patients by ensuring that they have the prescription medications they need. We will assist your patients with their prescription assistance, from the application process to ongoing maintenance and changing needs.

Why Rx Access?

Rx Access has an established record in helping individual qualifying patients receive free or discount prescription drugs. We are efficient at doing what we love best: helping patients receive necessary medications they could not otherwise afford, and helping professionals like you bypass the Patient Assistance Program paperwork to focus on quality patient care.

Rx Access Services

Rx Access provides you, the healthcare professional, with a full range of services for your patients in prescription assistance programs.

Rx Access:
• Helps patients qualify for as many programs as possible, based on eligibility.
• Sees them through the application process.
• Monitors their compliance with changes in program qualifications.
• Manages prescription refills and prescription changes.
• Communicates with the various programs on your patients' behalf.
• Advocates for the maximum benefit for which your patient is eligible.

Professional Outcomes:
• Reduced patient prescription drug costs.
• Dependable supply of prescription drugs ensures patient compliance with drug regimens.
• Less time spent on paperwork and phone calls frees time for the personal contact care that matters.
• Assurance that your patients' well-being is being met in every way possible.

Patient Outcomes:
• Free or discount prescription drugs reduce cost.
• Complete compliance with doctor’s prescription regimen.
• No missed prescription doses.
• Fewer worries about health.

At Rx Access, we pride ourselves in serving the prescription drug needs of patients. We are passionate about helping all patients get the prescription drugs they need. We work with hospitals, clinics, physician offices, social workers, and case managers in locations across America.

Contact us to see how we can help your patients with prescription assistance, and how we can help you trade paperwork for personal care for your patients.

Contact us at or call 877-226-9050.

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