Rx Access Institutional Division

Your Patients Are Our Concern

Rx Access provides institutions with the same service provided directly to its individual clients. If your non-profit organization currently spends grant money and donations to offset patient prescription drug costs, our turnkey approach will save your organization money, time, and administrative work.

At Rx Access, we know that your true concern is the same as ours: your patients’ well-being. We allow you to keep your focus on your patients by helping you secure free or discount prescription drugs, and freeing you from administration of all your prescription application and refill needs. You will have more time and money to spend on your patients.

Rx Access's Institutional Mission:

To use our valuable experience in the prescription drug field to provide non-profit organizations with free or discount prescription drugs, unparalleled administration, and management support in prescription assistance for their patients.

Rx Access's Services

Rx Access:
• Locates prescription assistance programs for your patients.
• Administers the application process for your patients.
• Handles ongoing prescription refills.
• Itemizes invoices for each medication.


Your Institution benefits from:
• Increased time and resources for your patients.
• Lowered cost for prescription drugs.
• Reduced time spent completing the application process.
• Reduced time spent managing ongoing prescription drug refills.
• Reduced administration cost and time spent tracking invoices.

Why Rx Access?

Rx Access has helped individuals and families to directly access prescription assistance programs for free, or discount prescription drugs they need but cannot otherwise afford. As a result, our program has developed influence in several markets around the country. We can not only help individuals directly, but also help facilities offset the tremendous cost of providing prescription assistance to their patients.

Your Institution is Unique

At Rx Access, we know that your institution is not exactly like any other. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our services to your current administrative capabilities and needs.

To Find Out More

To find out more about how Rx Access Institutional Division services can help you, please contact us at contact@rxaccess4u.com or call us toll free at 877-226-9050.

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