About Us

Rx Access was founded to help solve the problem of the uninsured and underinsured that need access to prescription medications in America. We have offices in Boise, Idaho, and Vero Beach, Florida that serve our diverse individual patient base. Our Insititutional Division is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Institutional Division promotes our program with facilities that have patients in need of prescription assistance.

 Our passion at Rx Access is to help those in need obtain prescriptions they cannot afford. Our mission is to spread the word about the largely unknown prescription assistance programs (PAP's) available via the pharmaceutical manufacturer's and help all those that we can save money through our service for the medications they need. Our company motto is "Connecting Patients to Resources" and our ultimate goal is that no one in America be without the medications they need, whether they utilize our program or we refer them to another source that is better suited for them.

 We have a team of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds that include benefit professionals, RN's, physician's, pharmacists, and personal advocates. We offer bi-lingual services for Spanish speaking patients and their families and currently work with several non-profit organizations and various associations to help bring solutions to their membership and offer further Rx help.

 For more information, you may contact us at contact@rxaccess4u.com or call  877-226-9050 .

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